Unpacking the Gender Earnings Gap among Uber driver-partners

Source: Stanford University

  • There is a gender pay gap for Uber drivers, but it’s not attributable to discrimination.
  • ⅓ of the gap is due to experience. Men work more hours than women and gather more experience.
  • ½ of the gap is due to driving speed. Men drive 2.2% faster than women.
  • The rest of the gap is due to location. Men, on average, drive in locations with higher surge and lower wait times

Are women paid less than men for the same work?

Source: The Economist

  • Although the average woman’s salary in Britain is 29% lower than the average man’s, the gap is the result of differences in rank, compensation rates, and the nature of the job.
  • According to data for 8.7m employees worldwide, women in Britain make just 1% less than men who have the same function and level at the same employer. In most European countries, the discrepancy is similarly small.

Evidence From Norway Shows Gender Quotas Don’t Work For Women

Source: The Federalist

  • The data on corporate profitability and corporate governance is inconclusive. Some companies saw improvement in both areas but some didn’t. Data shows that the substance of decisions and the quality of decision didn’t improve by simply having more women on boards.
  • Some corporations reached for less qualified and less experienced women to meet the quota, which doesn’t help improving corporate performance or governance.
  • The quota has benefited a small group of women who are already high achievers and are at the top of corporate hierarchies. It had no discernible beneficial effect on women at lower levels of the corporate hierarchy.